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Design-Build and Public Private Partnerships

Design-Build and Public Private Partnerships have long been staple delivery methods for Kenaidan. We have assembled quality partnerships and teams that have produced some truly phenomenal projects.

Constructability is at the core of our approach. We have a deep understanding that what is designed must also be feasible to build. With construction focused engineering, Kenaidan creates solutions for our clients that work. Taking constructability under consideration at every step ensures our clients get the highest quality, longest facility lifetime, most operationally feasible and most cost-effective designs they expect. Our services with Design-Build projects include all permit applications and acquisitions, complete design management, construction, start-up and post construction services.

When Kenaidan joined the Obayashi global family of companies, the strategic partnership allowed us to utilize their considerable experience, human resources, technology, and financial strength to participate in a greater number of large scale projects in Canada, particularly in Public Private Partnerships infrastructure. Obayashi’s vast experience in Public Private Partnerships around the globe is a tremendous asset to Kenaidan and our Clients.